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Moses (conflict and circumstances)

Discussion Sheet Biblical Personality: Moses (conflict and circumstances) Reference(s): Exodus 5:1- 6:13 The life of Moses, like many other biblical persons, is full of meaning. But Moses is a particularly important figure in biblical history. We could write all year on him alone. Here we will concentrate on the conflict and responses between God, Pharaoh, Moses, and the people. Read the verses listed above: Inductive Questions: Q. What does Exodus 5:1-4 say about the purpose of the request made to Pharaoh? Why do you think Pharaoh would deny such a… Read more Moses (conflict and circumstances)

Discussion Sheet: Moses’ Family

Biblical Personality: Moses’ Family Reference(s): Exodus 1:1-2:10 Notes: 1.) Pharaoh has a legitimate social concern. He sees a possible threat to Egyptian culture and government in the multiplication of the Hebrew people. But the way that he chooses to handle the supposed threat is horrible!! The Hebrew people are just following God’s instruction to be fruitful and multiply. If Pharoah would have recognized God’s promised blessing on these people he might have made a better decision. 2.) Taskmasters- slavery is Pharoah’s answer. He has a fear of becoming a slave… Read more Discussion Sheet: Moses’ Family

Joseph Genesis 39- Something Different

Joseph Genesis 39 Rather than just type out my notes this time I thought that I might do something different. Sometimes all I have time to do is type up my notes.  And other times I have something that I just need to share and so I must make the time to type more.  This is one of those times. It has become very important to me in the last few years, especially in a small group or in one-on-one situations, that I share “fresh manna”.  What I mean by… Read more Joseph Genesis 39- Something Different

Jacob- Genesis 31 and 32

Jacob Genesis 31 and 32 My Personal Notes: Laban’s sons show that they are jealous of Jacob’s success. This puts Jacob in a precarious position. The blessing and the birthright have put him in danger- perhaps more danger than that which he would have been if he would have stayed home. Esau was one man, but laban has many. Laban’s attitude toward Jacob changes. Laban used to think he could get something from Jacob, but now he has become convinced that he is the one who has been taken advantage… Read more Jacob- Genesis 31 and 32

Discussion Sheet: Esau

Discussion Sheet   Biblical Personality: Esau Reference(s): Inductive Questions: Genesis chapters 25 through 27 and 33   Q. Do you think the fact that Isaac was an only child, one highly sought after, affected the way he parented his boys Esau and Jacob?  What do you think of Isaac and Rebekah’s parenting of these boys? Q. How are selfish ambition, deception, and untrustworthiness demonstrated by Jacob, and Esau?  Can you name some positive traits represented by these twins in their youth? Q. The fatherly blessings of Isaac in chapter 27… Read more Discussion Sheet: Esau

Discussion Sheet: Rebekah

Discussion Sheet   Biblical Personality: Rebekah Reference(s): Genesis 24 and 27 Inductive Questions:   Q. In Genesis 24 we learn about a young Rebekah and how she meets her future husband. What do you think the hopes and dreams of this young woman are? Is she a courageous woman? Q. What does the blessing spoken over Rebekah by her family before she leaves say about her premarital expectations are? (24:60) Q. By Chapter 27 Rebekah had given birth to twins and has matured considerably. How has she changed? Q. No… Read more Discussion Sheet: Rebekah

Discussion Sheet: Issac

Issac Journal Entry Discussion Sheet   Biblical Personality: Isaac Reference(s): Genesis Chapters 24 and 26 Inductive Questions: Q. Isaac’s name means laugh or laughter, based upon Sarah’s experience before and after his birth. If you were to name Isaac based upon his life experience, what do you think the meaning of his name should be? Q. What are Isaac’s many blessings and where do they come from? Q. Who were the principle players in Isaac’s inheritance? Q. What did Isaac do with the blessings he was given? Q. What did… Read more Discussion Sheet: Issac

Discussion Sheet: Sarah

Sarah Journal Entry Discussion Sheet   Biblical Personality: Sarah Reference(s): Genesis 16:1-15; 18:1-15; 21:1-7   Sarah is a poster child for Doubt and unbelief.  What can you learn from her life with God and with a man like Abraham.   Inductive Questions:   Q. In Chapter 16, what do you suppose is driving Sarah to act as she does and say what she says?  How does she treat Abraham and how does Abraham treat her? Q. In Chapter 18, what is at the root of Sarah’s laughter?  What is her… Read more Discussion Sheet: Sarah