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Discussion Sheet   Biblical Personality: Deborah Reference(s): Judges 4 and 5 Inductive Questions:   Q. How dot he opening verses in Judges 4 describe Deborah?  What do we know about her from the text?   Q.  Why was it important that Deborah’s husband is mentioned?  He is not mentioned anywhere else in the Bible. (Lappidoth).   Q. What do we know about the Israelites from the biblical text?   Q. What do we know about Barak from these verses in chapter 4?    Q. What were Deborah’s words to Barak… Read more Deborah

Joshua 23 and 24

Discussion Sheet   Biblical Personality: Joshua Reference(s): Joshua 23 and 24   Just some useful tid-bits about Joshua   Chapter 23 Notes:   1.) Rest was given toIsrael, but not a complete rest.  It did not last because the promise was more than they imagined or asked for.  Jesus brings the promised rest… a rest we are still waiting/ contending for.  See Hebrews 4:8-11   2.) Joshua attributes all his accomplishments to God. verses 2 and 3   3.) Some foreign nations still remain and Joshua gives instructions for the… Read more Joshua 23 and 24


Discussion Sheet   Biblical Personality: Rehab   Reference(s): Joshua 2 and 6 Jerichois going to fall.  Of that there is no question. The city’s inhabitants believe it.  The Israelites believe it. But most of all, God has said it.    Spies are checking out the city and they find refuge in a very easy place to hide, a prostitute’s home.  Her name was Rehab.   Inductive Questions: Q. Why do you think that the two spies Joshua sent stayed at the prostitute’s home?  Was it a safe place for them?… Read more Rehab

Caleb and the City of Hebron

Discussion Sheet   Biblical Personality: Caleb Reference(s): Joshua 14:6- 15:19   In order to understand Caleb and his inheritance it might be good to have a little background information aboutHebron.  Here is some great stuff from an informative website.   Hebron Hebronis most noted as a city located south of Jerusalem. Numbers 13:22 tells us that the town was built seven years before Zoan was built in Egypt. It was also known by the older name of “the city of the Arba”, or Kirjath Arba, “And the name of Hebron formerly was Kirjath… Read more Caleb and the City of Hebron

Aaron Blew It

Aaron Blew It Exodus 32   “People died because of you Aaron!”   That’s what I might have said if I was Joshua son of Nun rather than Joshua son of the 21st century.  Can you imagine?  Joshua comes down off the mountain after being with Moses (who is shining like a polished bronze hub cap) only to find that his people are worshiping a gold statue of a cow and that Aaron is the one who fashioned it!  Aaron is left in charge and he blew!  Why?   I… Read more Aaron Blew It

Miriam’s Song

Miriam’s Song Exodus 15:1-21 How do we know this is Miriam’s song? Well, we don’t. All we know is that she, along with many other women of Israel sang this song with tambourines after God caused the Red Sea to swallow up their Egyptian pursuers (Exodus 15:20-21). In addition, we learn in verse 20 that Miriam (Aaron’s sister) is considered a prophetess as well. And as we read it we learn that it is not just a song of praise, but a song of prophecy as well. It does not… Read more Miriam’s Song

Question For My Leaders!!

Friends and Adult Ministry Leaders. I am working on a project and I need for a bunch of you (all of you if possible) to answer this question for me. Please use as many words as possible in your reply.  If it is ok for me to use your name tell me so, otherwise I will keep your answers anonymous.  Thanks,  Joshua Why do you teach a class or lead a small group?  (not how you became a leader or teacher but the reasons why you are doing so- ie… Read more Question For My Leaders!!