Coming Alongside Others

The Fletchers: Coming Alongside Others

How many people have poured into your life?  How many people have come alongside you so that you can be and do all that God created you to be and do?  Are there specific individuals who stand out among those who have walked with you? What would your life be like today if these special people were not able to come alongside you?

“You Are More Than You Think You Are!”

That sentence is the briefest way I know how to communicate our calling. They are words that I have heard myself saying again and again to others and to the mirror.  I have said them at home and abroad, to leaders and emerging leaders, to believers and not yet believers. They are very true words and I believe that they are heaven sent.

“You Can Only Give What You Have Been Given”

This is another sentence that has been profoundly influential in our life and our ministry.  God has indeed given us much and continues to do so.  We are called to give it all away for His glory and the furthering of His Kingdom.

Who are you called to come alongside?

We are the Fletcher Family and we are going to Cuenca, Ecuador to come alongside emerging and existing pastors, missionaries, and leaders.  When someone is called into ministry, God often sends people to come alongside with encouragement and help in discovering their inheritance and identity in Christ. The Fletchers come alongside others. We are helpers, encouragers, mentors, teachers, equippers, and most of all friends! We are called to give what we have and to learn and grow as we do so.

Will you come alongside us so that we can come alongside others?

If the answer is yes, we want to meet you!

This Is How You Can Come Alongside The Fletchers

1.) Pray:

You can follow the Fletchers on their website at (click the link to follow this blog) and pray for them whenever they post.

2.) Give: 

You can help them get to Ecuador by becoming a monthly Faith Partner: Go to to partner with them in mission.

3.) Contact Them with Words of Encouragement.  We would want to get to know you! 

Joshua (704) 796-7514; email: 

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