John 1:1-5- The Christ-likeness of Practicing His Presence

John 1:1-5- The Christ-likeness of Practicing His Pressence Its been a while since I have posted. Sorry. I am on vacation now and so I have the time to post something and since this is my vacation I have decided to post something a little off of the biographical reading schedule. In the last fewContinue reading “John 1:1-5- The Christ-likeness of Practicing His Presence”


Discussion Sheet   Biblical Personality: Jepthah Reference(s): Judges 11 and 12               Reading about Jepthah reminded me about how I felt for much of my life.  I imagine that there are many men who can see themselves in Jepthah. He is an outcast due to no fault of his own.  His mother was aContinue reading “Jepthah”

Caleb and the City of Hebron

Discussion Sheet   Biblical Personality: Caleb Reference(s): Joshua 14:6- 15:19   In order to understand Caleb and his inheritance it might be good to have a little background information aboutHebron.  Here is some great stuff from an informative website.   Hebron Hebronis most noted as a city located south of Jerusalem. Numbers 13:22 tells us that theContinue reading “Caleb and the City of Hebron”