Discussion Sheet   Biblical Personality: Jepthah Reference(s): Judges 11 and 12               Reading about Jepthah reminded me about how I felt for much of my life.  I imagine that there are many men who can see themselves in Jepthah. He is an outcast due to no fault of his own.  His mother was aContinue reading “Jepthah”

Discussion Sheet: Moses’ Family

Biblical Personality: Moses’ Family Reference(s): Exodus 1:1-2:10 Notes: 1.) Pharaoh has a legitimate social concern. He sees a possible threat to Egyptian culture and government in the multiplication of the Hebrew people. But the way that he chooses to handle the supposed threat is horrible!! The Hebrew people are just following God’s instruction to beContinue reading “Discussion Sheet: Moses’ Family”

Joseph Genesis 39- Something Different

Joseph Genesis 39 Rather than just type out my notes this time I thought that I might do something different. Sometimes all I have time to do is type up my notes.  And other times I have something that I just need to share and so I must make the time to type more.  ThisContinue reading “Joseph Genesis 39- Something Different”