Discussion Sheet: Rebekah

Discussion Sheet   Biblical Personality: Rebekah Reference(s): Genesis 24 and 27 Inductive Questions:   Q. In Genesis 24 we learn about a young Rebekah and how she meets her future husband. What do you think the hopes and dreams of this young woman are? Is she a courageous woman? Q. What does the blessing spokenContinue reading “Discussion Sheet: Rebekah”

Discussion Sheet: Issac

Issac Journal Entry Discussion Sheet   Biblical Personality: Isaac Reference(s): Genesis Chapters 24 and 26 Inductive Questions: Q. Isaac’s name means laugh or laughter, based upon Sarah’s experience before and after his birth. If you were to name Isaac based upon his life experience, what do you think the meaning of his name should be?Continue reading “Discussion Sheet: Issac”

Discussion Sheet: Sarah

Sarah Journal Entry Discussion Sheet   Biblical Personality: Sarah Reference(s): Genesis 16:1-15; 18:1-15; 21:1-7   Sarah is a poster child for Doubt and unbelief.  What can you learn from her life with God and with a man like Abraham.   Inductive Questions:   Q. In Chapter 16, what do you suppose is driving Sarah toContinue reading “Discussion Sheet: Sarah”

Discussion Sheet: Abraham

Abraham Journal Entry Discussion Sheet   Biblical Personality: Abraham Reference(s): Genesis 21:33-34 and surrounding verses   A Tamerisk Tree?   There are many, many lessons form the life of Abraham.  We could print reams of paper on Him alone.  I want us to concentrate a bit on two verses close to the end of Abraham’sContinue reading “Discussion Sheet: Abraham”

Discussion Sheet: Enoch

Enoch Journal Entry Discussion Sheet   Biblical Personality: Enoch Reference(s): Genesis 5: 18-24; Hebrews 11:5-6 Inductive Questions: Q. Enoch’s Father and Son are the oldest people in scripture, but Enoch has a much younger age than his closest male relatives.  What does this say if anything about Enoch and his life?  Is a longer lifeContinue reading “Discussion Sheet: Enoch”

Discussion Sheet: Noah

Noah Journal Entry Discussion Sheet   Biblical Personality: Noah   Reference(s): Genesis Chapters 6-9   Inductive Questions:   Q. Why does Noah find Favor with God? Q. God is grieved and regretted that He had made man?  Why exactly? Q. How is Noah compared to Enoch here? Q. In the Bible, numbers are not arbitrary. Continue reading “Discussion Sheet: Noah”

Discussion Sheet: Abel

Abel Journal Entry Discussion Sheet   Biblical Personality: Abel Reference(s): Genesis 4:1-18 and 25; 2 Sam 20:18; Matthew 23:35 etc. and Luke 11:51; Hebrews 11:4- 12:24   Additional Supportive Reference: Galatians 5:19-26 19 Now the deeds of the flesh are evident, which are: immorality, impurity, sensuality, 20 idolatry, sorcery, enmities, strife, jealousy, outbursts of anger,Continue reading “Discussion Sheet: Abel”

Discussion Sheet: Eve

Eve Journal Entry Discussion Sheet   Biblical Personality: Eve Reference(s): Genesis 2:18 through 3:24 Inductive Questions: Q. Why do you think that Eve was created from Adam’s rib?  What is significant about a rib? Q. Adam says that Eve is “Bone of my Bone and Flesh of my Flesh.”  What is he saying?  This isContinue reading “Discussion Sheet: Eve”

Discussion Sheet:Adam

Adam Journal Entry Discussion Sheet   Biblical Personality: Adam Reference(s): Genesis 1:26 through 2:17 Inductive Questions: Q. What do you suppose it means to be created in the image of God? Q. What do you suppose it means to have the purpose of ruling all living things? Q. Why do you suppose that God’s firstContinue reading “Discussion Sheet:Adam”

Biographical Bible Reading Schedule

Friends, Just to let you know, below is the bible reading schedule/guide I am for these posts this year.  I am focusing on two personalities per week.  This bible reading schedule can also be found on BibleGateway.com. Biographical BibleReadingPlan (121 Days) Want to read Bible highlights from Adam to Zechariah? It’s easy! The advantages ofContinue reading “Biographical Bible Reading Schedule”