2019 Year-In-Review



We took the kids to visit the Alliance Academy in Quito where Allison went to high school.


We spent the day with Neydi, our Compassion daughter. We took her to the Equator and for pizza/ice cream to celebrate her birthday.


Our homeschool co-op went to Museo (museum) Pumpapungo to get ready for “back-to school”



Saturday afternoon youth group at Vida Nueva church.


Homeschool field trip to chocolate factory!


Josh tore his ACL and he would later have surgery on April 3rd.


Josh and Allison led a marriage workshop at Vida Nueva church.



Kids went to Science/Space camp at our mission’s Camp Pallatanga.  Josh and Allison went to Guayaquil to spend a few days for a spiritual renewal retreat.


Our homeschool monthly co-op field trip: Hat museum



Josh spoke at the Good Friday service at Vida Nueva church.


Jael and Abby sang on Easter Sunday!


Allison took a hair class in Spanish and was able to bless our friend, Maria with a fresh hair trim/style.



Prof Fletcher headed to teach class at SEMBEC.


Mother’s Day 2019


Pop came and Simeon and Allison were able to travel with him to Loja and Yanzaza.



Country study presentations at co-op.



Josh with his students at the end of the semester.


Grace took an 8 week art class.


Abby teaching kids at church a fun hand game.


Grace’s 16th birthday. She had a fun murder mystery party!


Father’s Day 2019


Abby and Allison went to Camp Pallatanga to help with a youth team who taught English at local high school.


We celebrated 19 years of marriage!


Abby turned 14!


We took the youth group to our neighborhood pizzeria!


August brought our annual field council meetings at Camp Pallatanga along with all the other Ecuador missionaries.  Our kids attended MK camp.  Abby and Grace were baptized at Vida Nueva church.  We packed up a house, said our goodbyes to our dear friends, and headed back to the State for HMA (home ministry assignment).


We were welcomed back with open arms!


We got into a homeschool routine and the new table at Barbee homestead has been perfect.


Terry and Karen took us muscadine and scuppernong picking!


Serving at the Rise Against Hunger event-Crossroads Church #20,000 meals made on 9/11/19!!


Love seeing our kids share about Ecuador as we visit churches!



This month we visited Josh’s family in Tennessee and traveled to Indiana to go through debrief at OMS as well as see Allison’s family and celebrate Simeon turning 11!



We enjoyed seeing and playing in the Fall leaves!


Allison celebrated another year of life with some friends!



It has been sweet to reconnect with friends who lived close by and/or come through for a visit!



The gratitude for God’s many blessings kept flowing into December. Everything from the Christmas tree, the generosity of others to help make our Christmas special, traveling in a wonderful van our home church has provided, and seeing family we don’t see very often was truly a gift.


Happy New Year from our family to yours! Love, Josh, Allison, Grace, Abby, and Simeon


News: Our First Home Ministry Assignment is Coming Sooner Than Expected

Dear Family, Friends, and Supporters,
We are writing to share some news and an urgent need.  You might also want to view the video linked below.
Due to an unexpected drop in financial support our support account has fallen into a deficit and is unable to sustain us on the mission field. Our only recourse at this point is to return to the USA for the dual purpose of reconnecting with our current supporters and finding additional financial support for our return to Ecuador.  We have purchased plane tickets and will leave Ecuador on August 23rd. Currently, we are packing up our things, making preparations to store or sell our furniture, our vehicle, and some our our appliances in preparation for our first Home Ministry Assignment.  
We are excited to see many of you when we return and to believe that God has a plan in the season.  We are also looking forward to a bit of rest and visiting with family and friends. It is not uncommon for missionaries to find themselves needing to return sooner than expected.  And we are hopeful that our time in the states will be beneficial for us in many ways.
Please pray for us:
  • Pray for a  safe return to the USA
  • Pray for all the preparations we need to make before we leave Ecuador
  • Pray for all the “goodbyes” we need to make
  • Please also pray for the additional support we need in order to return to the mission field.
  • Please pray for divine appointments and opportunities to come our way.
We would like to share about our ministry to the people of Ecuador with as many new churches and families as possible.   God is doing great things in Ecuador and we enjoy sharing about how we come alongside others with the love of Jesus Christ here in Ecuador.  
Thank you or your prayers and continued support!
To make make a special gift or become a returning or first-time monthly supporter, please go to: https://onemissionsociety.org/give/TheFletchers 
Joshua, Allison, Grace, Abigail, and Simeon

The Fletcher Fiction Writing Project of 2018: Grace, Abigail, and Simeon

Below you will find three short stories written by our children Grace, Abigail, and Simeon.  Eaach of them had the assignment to write a story in the setting of Tolkien’s Middle Earth.  We are very proud of our three homeschoolers!

Zeppelin  by Simeon James Fletcher

Madyrie by Abigail Rose Fletcher

Zelephia Grace Elisabeth Fletcher


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