Fletcher Steps 4-17-17

Here is our most recent FletcherSteps Update!  Enjoy!

newsletter 4-17-17

2 responses to “Fletcher Steps 4-17-17”

  1. Wanda Hudson Avatar
    Wanda Hudson

    It is always GOOD to receive an update and learn about your “Journey” and how to pray more ‘specifically’.

    I had been wondering how close you were to being ready to go on to Ecuador.

    Thanks for sharing the poem ~ good encouragement and reminder of what an “AWESOME’ God we serve!

    God bless and continue to guide and provide as the “Journey” with Jesus continues!

    Love and Prayers,

    P.S. I think I’m already on your email list, so if my info shows up again, just delete one of them!


  2. Loved reading about your lives these past months. It’s been longer than usual since Josh and I caught up.

    Sorry for your loss Allison. Glad you were able to take that time to connect with family.

    Grace and love and lots of prayer and affection from the Clark’s.


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