The Tale of the Tape

Image.pngOur update for June is this:  We are getting very close to being fully funded!  We only need around $1300 in monthly support to leave for language school.  To put this in prospect, its only 13 partners at $100 a month or just 26 partners at $50 a month or simply a handful of monthly anchor donors, churches, or businesses. Please pray for these new faith partners to join us soon.  In order make the next trimester of language school, we need to be 100% funded by the first week of August. This is our “Tale of the Tape” but its not the complete story.  God is writing our story and we would love for you to be a part of it.

You can partner with us here:

We have learned that measurement is necessarily part of being a missionary.  We are constantly measuring our support account.  We are measuring our time and travel on calendars and clocks, and on odometers and gas gauges.  We also measure ourselves.  Are we doing enough?  Are we making enough phones calls, talking to enough people?  Do we pray often enough?  What can we do better, more efficiently, more effectively? I am sure you can relate.

Measurement is not a bad thing.  It helps us understand where we are and what we might need to adjust or recalibrate.  It helps us be good stewards of the time, talent, and gifts we have been given.  But we cannot live from measurements.  The “Tale of the Tape” is often just that, a tale.  Statistics tell an incomplete fiction that can be interpreted in many ways.  We must live from the measureless love of the Father.  He alone can interpret the numbers.

The real challenge for us in this season of endless measurements is to swim, not in the numbers, but in the promises and proclamations of our Heavenly Father.  The numbers are useful, but they can drown us. God’s Word will not drown us. Numbers are not eternal and they are not our Source of strength and encouragement. Jesus is forever and the Holy Spirit is our Source.  Of you find yourself drowning in numbers this summer, remember and remind others, that the “Tale of the Tape” is not a word that Compares to the Living Word- Jesus.  Your story is wrapped up in Him and not in the numbers.

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