40 Days of Focus: Day 25


Day 25: Worship In The Temple

Reflect On: Psalm 84

“For a day in your courts is better than a thousand elsewhere…”

Psalm 84 is about the joy of worshipping in the temple of God.  The psalmist describes the temple as a lovely place of longing where the soul sings for joy.  The temple is a safe place of happiness.  He describes a journey to the temple.  Those who worship along the way are happy because their strength is found in God.  As they travel, they are strengthened.  The psalm ends with he arrival at the temple doors and a promise that one’s prayers will be answered.

Psalm 84 is a great illustration of what it means to journey into the presence of the Lord.  As such, it can be a tool to help us enter into the presence of the Lord.  As such, it can be a tool to help us enter into His presence in prayer.  Because of the sacrifice of Christ, we no longer have to journey to a building in Jerusalem in order to dwell with God.  The Holy Spirit comes and dwells in us.  We become the temple of God and His presence can be with us just as the psalmist describes.

Go on a journey of praise with the Lord today.  Invite the Holy Spirit to dwell in your heart with renewed joy.  Bring your prayers to God knowing that God is with you.

What is a Faith Promise?  Glad you asked!

Just as a missionary is called to the mission field so also are those who partner with them through regular prayers and gifts.  A Faith Promise is the amount of money a ministry partner promises to give to a ministry out of obedience to the leading of Holy Spirit.  It is an amount of money missionaries can count on each month from a specific ministry partner.  Missionaries like us cannot step onto the mission field of their calling without the faith promises of God’s people  who partner to send them. Missionaries cannot go without being sent!

Go to www.onemissionsociet.org/give/thefletchers to partner with us!


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