40 Days of Focus: Day 22


Day 22: The God Shepherd- The Divine Presence

Reflect On: Psalm 23

“The Lord is my shepherd…I shall dwell in the house of the Lord my whole life long”

The 23rd Psalm contains six of the most recognized verses in all of scripture.  Many people take comfort in the poetry describing God as the Good Shepherd.  The Good Shepherd leads and feeds, restores and adores, comforts and protects. The psalmist reminds us that we are like precious sheep in God’s fold.  The image of sheep and shepherd is so remarkable that people fail to notice that the last two series are not about shepherding at all. The psalmist changes metaphors and describes something just as remarkable, but all together different. In verses 5 and 6 God is the divine host and we are guests at His table.

Reflect upon what it means to dwell as an honored guest in the house of God.  How is this metaphor the same and how is it different from being a sheep  in the Good Shepherd’s fold?  What does Psalm 23 say about how we can experience the presence of God?

What is a Faith Promise?  Glad you asked!

Just as a missionary is called to the mission field so also are those who partner with them through regular prayers and gifts.  A Faith Promise is the amount of money a ministry partner promises to give to a ministry out of obedience to the leading of Holy Spirit.  It is an amount of money missionaries can count on each month from a specific ministry partner.  Missionaries like us cannot step onto the mission field of their calling without the faith promises of God’s people  who partner to send them. Missionaries cannot go without being sent!

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