40 Days of Focus: Day 21


Day 21: The Triumph in the Agony

Read and Reflect On: Psalm 22

“They will tell a people yet to be born about His righteousness- what He has done.”

Psalm 22 is a a psalm written by David centuries before Christ, but one that Christ quotes while hanging on the cross.  The sentiments of the psalm express the agony that Christ was enduring in that moment, but also the belief that despite His great suffering, God is worthy of praise and great things are coming for those who bow before Him.  Jesus knew that the moments he spent hanging there on that cross would go into a wonderful message that would gather countless numbers of people into a new Kingdom when they believed in Him.  Jesus was looking past the agony of the cross and straight in to the reality of the resurrection.  It was a painful and lonely place for sure, but a good place.  A place of hope and redemption.  David’s psalms often remind us that sorrow and tragedy are the fertile ground of hope eternal.

Christ’s choice to quote this psalm from the cross gives us an example of triumph.  The cross reminds us that our most difficult places can be redeemed. As we pass the half-way point through the season of lent, let us try and look at suffering and tragedy through the lens of the cross.  Our hope is in Christ and His resurrection. For there to be a resurrection there must be a crucifixion.  Every test can produce a testimony because we are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus.

What is a Faith Promise?  Glad you asked!

Just as a missionary is called to the mission field so also are those who partner with them through regular prayers and gifts.  A Faith Promise is the amount of money a ministry partner promises to give to a ministry out of obedience to the leading of Holy Spirit.  It is an amount of money missionaries can count on each month from a specific ministry partner.  Missionaries like us cannot step onto the mission field of their calling without the faith promises of God’s people  who partner to send them. Missionaries cannot go without being sent!

Go to www.onemissionsociet.org/give/thefletchers to partner with us!

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