40 Days of Focus: Day 14

IMG_2651Day 14: Stay Awake!

Read and Reflect On: Matthew 26:36-46

“Remain here and stay awake with me… ”

In the Garden of Gethsemane, we find Jesus sorrowful to the point of death.  He asks His friends Peter, James, and John to stay awake with Him and pray.  His sorrow was apparent to them although they still didn’t understand why.  Sadly, Peter, James, and John could not stay awake.  Maybe it was their lack of understanding or maybe it was their full bellies, having just devoured a satisfying meal.  But the fact still remains.  Jesus found His closest friends asleep at a time when He needed them the most.  He needed their prayers and their presence but found them absent, lounging in dreamland. How would that make you feel?

Jesus wakes them up and then says to his most passionate friend, Peter, “So, couldn’t you stay awake with me one hour?” But Jesus’ disappointment does not lead to wrath.  Even at the time of His greatest need, Jesus has concern for them and their future.  He never stops teaching them.  He continues, “Stay awake and pray, so that you won’t enter into temptation.  The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” Unfortunately, after more prayer, He came back to His friends and found them steeping again and this happened not just once, but twice. These hours were the last moments that Peter, James, and John had with Jesus before His Crucifixion. And they slept through them! I wonder what lessons these three disciples missed because they fell asleep. I wonder what they might have experienced with Jesus had they stayed vigilant in prayer.

We are invited, daily into something amazing- communication with the Son of God.  The word “communication” really doesn’t do justice to our invitation.  The word “prayer” only scratches the surface.  The Son of God wants to share His heart wth us.  As friends of Jesus, we are invited into the deeper places of His heart where sorrow and joy, love and determination, disappointment and resolve all reside and are swallowed up in His amazing grace.  God wants intimacy with us and Jesus has made a way and sent Holy Spirit to help us walk in it.

May we learn to say “No” to our sleepiness and yes to the invitation of Jesus.  May we clearly and beautifully learn to seize every invitation God gives us.  Oh the opportunities miss when we stay asleep!

What is a Faith Promise?  Glad you asked!

Just as a missionary is called to the mission field so also are those who partner with them through regular prayers and gifts.  A Faith Promise is the amount of money a ministry partner promises to give to a ministry out of obedience to the leading of Holy Spirit.  It is an amount of money missionaries can count on each month from a specific ministry partner.  Missionaries like us cannot step onto the mission field of their calling without the faith promises of God’s people  who partner to send them. Missionaries cannot go without being sent!

Go to www.onemissionsociet.org/give/thefletchers to partner with us!

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