40 Days of Focus: Day 13


Day 13: Receive, Find, Enter In

Read and Reflect On: Matthew 7:7-12


Often when the words in Matthew 7:7-8 are discussed the focus is on the asking, the seeking, and the knocking.  Prayer is all about theses three. We ask of God.  We seek God.  We knock at God’s door.  For many asking, seeking, and knocking are areas of growth and opportunity in the discipline of prayer. For others, an emphasis on the promises of these verses is more important.

Jesus promises that if we ask WE WILL RECEIVE.  Do you believe Him?

Jesus promises that if we seek WE WILL FIND.  Do you believe Him?

Jesus promises that if we knock He will open up the door and WE WILL ENTER into His presence. Do you believe Him?

It is one thing to ask, seek, and knock.  It is another to receive, find, and enter in.  Ask the Lord how you are doing in the practice of prayer and in receiving his promises.

What is a Faith Promise?  Glad you asked!

Just as a missionary is called to the mission field so also are those who partner with them through regular prayers and gifts.  A Faith Promise is the amount of money a ministry partner promises to give to a ministry out of obedience to the leading of Holy Spirit.  It is an amount of money missionaries can count on each month from a specific ministry partner.  Missionaries like us cannot step onto the mission field of their calling without the faith promises of God’s people  who partner to send them. Missionaries cannot go without being sent!

Go to www.onemissionsociet.org/give/thefletchers to partner with us!


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