Newsletter #1 Enjoy!

Oil Painted in China by Joshua Fletcher in 2014
Oil Painted in China by Joshua Fletcher in 2014

Newsletter 1

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Our First “Fletcher Steps”

You are holding in your hands the first of many “Fletcher Steps” newsletters designed to update our ministry partners about the steps we are taking in the great adventure Christ has given us.  You are receiving this communication because you are a part of our lives and the story that God has been writing through us.  If you would like to continue receiving this newsletter do nothing.  It will arrive in the mail every 2 to 3 months.  If you would prefer to receive it by email or if you do not want to receive it (it’s ok, we’ll understand) please let us know via email

New Doors to Step Through

The last few months have been a whirlwind of activity for us!  We are only now feeling like we have time to catch our breath.  Just before Christmas, we announced our new calling to the congregation of Crossroads Church (that’s where Joshua is working).  Soon after, we applied to One Mission Society (OMS).  We had our interviews with them and were accepted in February.  We attended our Orientation training with OMS early March, and we put our home up for sale.  Our home sold in just three days!  And we were moved out of the house less than a month later.  In April, we finished some additional training with OMS, and we began speaking with people about partnering with us.  So far this month, we have sold most of our unnecessary belongings, and we are doing something everyday to get ready for the next steps in our mission.

The most common question we are asked is, “So, When are you leaving?” Our last steps before being released to get on a plane and fly out to language school are: 1) partner with enough people, churches, and organizations in order to fulfill 100% of our support requirement and, 2) complete a three week CROSS training in Greenwood, Indiana, July 13-31.  We cannot go to CROSS training unless we are at least 50% funded.  We are currently at about 29%. We are looking forward to connecting with each of you personally in order to share more of the vision and ministry the Lord has given us.

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