About The Artist: Joshua Andrew Fletcher


The picture above says a lot about me.  Here I am with my sweetheart Allison and our three children, Grace, Abigail, and Simeon.  We are on a great adventure together!  It’s an adventure of Joy and Discovery.  For me this adventure has involved the creation of prophetic art in the context of family. As a father I want to give my children the most noble and valuable qualities possible. However, I cannot give what I do not have.  This is how it is with my art.  What I have been given and what I choose to give is the most noble and valuable thing possible- the fruit of a growing relationship with God. As I discover and receive things from God and His Word, I share them through art, often in the context of corporate worship.

The Reason I Create Art

I believe that each of us has a need for reminders or signs that thwart the lies of the enemy.  We need things in our lives that point us to the truth about who we are and how our Father wonderfully loves us. We need objects of focus that clear the blur and turn or hearts toward our true Kingdom and our inheritance in Christ.  I believe that art can do this for us. Beautiful things inherently turn us to the author of beauty. However, this is only the second reason that I create art.

Here is the first reason and perhaps the most important one. I believe that the creation of Art can be worship. It certainly is for me.  I feel His pleasure when I am creating something with Him and I believe that my art gives Him glory.  I am a worshipper first and an artist a distant second.  Because of this I believe that God can use art to heal.  I feel that God has and will bring healing through the things we create together, if not for others most certainly for me.  I know that this particular expression of worship has profoundly touched me and healed wounds I didn’t even know were there. I expect great things from God because He has never failed to amaze me in this regard.  I hope that you enjoy the product of my love affair with Jesus as we continue to put it on display for the world to see. And I hope that the fruit of my worship will spark in you a deeper affection for the One I have come to call my Savior and the Lover of my soul.   Finally, I hope that you will pray for my art, that it will glorify God and become a window to heaven that brings the Kingdom of God to earth!

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