Discussion Sheet


Biblical Personality: Gideon

Reference(s): Judges 6-8

 Thomas doubted, but when he touched the flesh of the Son of God, he believed… not just who Jesus was but then who he was as a result.  In the same way, Gideon doubted. God cured him of it.  Doubt is a disease and the hand of God is the cure. 

I am so glad that I have a mirror close to the front door of my home.  I am glad not because of vanity.  I have sported an eye catching “cow-lick” on the top of my head quite often; a result of forgetting to comb my hair.  No, the mirror is a reminder of who I am and whose I am.  I am a reflection of the Father and I belong to Him.  The enemy wants me to forget this before I step out into the world and He wants me to carry the identity the world impresses upon me when I come back through my front door every evening.  The mirror keeps me looking at the right “me” and not the person so many other voices try to force upon me.  Ultimately, looking into the mirror like this is an act of faith and love.  I must believe who and whose I am.  I must receive the loving image of a loving God.

Gideon grew up in a time when all the “mirrors” in Israel had been broken, clouded, or covered up.  He lived in a time when an occupying force (an army of brutal conquers) sought to define who Israel was.  Gideon and his people had turned from faith in God and done what was evil in His sight and the result was that other voices would determine their identity.  Gideon hides in a wine vat, threshing wheat to feed his family because he is afraid.  He is afraid because he does not know that God loves him.  He does not know that God loves him because he and his people have forgotten the revelation given to them.  They have abandoned the ways that remind them of their relationship with God and so they lost what was given to them.

God chose to deliver his people through Gideon, but He chose to do so in a way that bolsters faith and gives an unforgettable testimony.  No man will ever be able to say that their deliverance was a human act established by human effort.  Gideon’s doubt is not just relieved by the drying or dampening of fleece.  Gideon saw the hand of God move mightily on his behalf through the least of men.   

 Our Father cares more about us than we can completely understand.  He wants us to learn from the journey because it gives him more glory for human hearts and minds to be changed than for impossible battles won and wonder-filled temples built.  The miraculous is for our benefit not God’s benefit.  The miraculous is memorable! 

I wear a ring everyday for a reason.  It reminds me of a covenant that I made before God with the woman I love.  I buy memorable gifts and plan memorable experiences with my wife because it establishes a life with her full of memories that keep us believing in the covenant we made with each other before God.  A testimony about what God has done and the articles of remembrance or keepsakes of our faith that come along with the work of His hands are just like my wedding ring.   Lazarus had grave clothes, the lame man had his mat, the blind man had his cane… I am sure that every time Gideon saw a wine vat or held a fleece He remembered the Lord his God. 

What are your spiritual keepsakes, your “mirrors” at the front door of your dwelling place?  How are you keeping the testimony of God’s mighty hand in your life in the very forefront of your mind, especially at times when the enemy would try to write a different identity upon your heart?  What will keep you from the disease of doubt?

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