Discussion Sheet


Biblical Personality: Deborah

Reference(s): Judges 4 and 5

Inductive Questions:


Q. How dot he opening verses in Judges 4 describe Deborah?  What do we know about her from the text?


Q.  Why was it important that Deborah’s husband is mentioned?  He is not mentioned anywhere else in the Bible. (Lappidoth).


Q. What do we know about the Israelites from the biblical text?


Q. What do we know about Barak from these verses in chapter 4? 


Q. What were Deborah’s words to Barak and why do you think she summoned him?  What is Deborah’s role in the story?


Q. Does the text portray Barak as a man of courage and faith?


Q. Do you think that Barak thought that Deborah was going to kill Jabin?  Why would this be more acceptable than Jael?


Q. Chapter 5 is a revealing song exploring the defeat of Jabin and his 900 chariots.  Certain people are heralded while others are named less honorably.  The song simply states the decisions people made in response to the move of God against His enemies.  It asks probing questions.  Read the song and underline those people who receive a less than honorable mention.  Why are they given this distinction?


Application Questions:


Q. Deborah was many things for many people and carried a great deal of responsibility.  Women today have complicated situations, balancing family, marriage, and work.  What can we learn form Deborah about the way that she operated?  What was her custom (daily routine)?


Q. According to Deborah, Barak had already heard from the Lord but had not acted upon it. Deborah gives him confidence.  Why?  Who gives you confidence and why?  Who are you a confidence bringer for?


Q. Deborah’s confidence comes from her intimacy with God and the anointing that followed that intimacy.  She knew who she was and what she was about. Although she carried prophetic responsibility, her custom (daily routine) was essentially simple.  How would you describe your custom?  How might God want to change it if at all?


Q.  Judges 5 makes us examine our attitudes and actions in response to God’s movement in our time.  What is God doing?  How is God moving?  How are you responding to what God is doing and where He is going both internally and externally?

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