Joshua 23 and 24

Discussion Sheet


Biblical Personality: Joshua

Reference(s): Joshua 23 and 24

  Just some useful tid-bits about Joshua


Chapter 23



1.) Rest was given toIsrael, but not a complete rest.  It did not last because the promise was more than they imagined or asked for.  Jesus brings the promised rest… a rest we are still waiting/ contending for.  See Hebrews 4:8-11


2.) Joshua attributes all his accomplishments to God. verses 2 and 3


3.) Some foreign nations still remain and Joshua gives instructions for the expansion/ completion of the promise.  Go to the Sea!!!  March to the sea!!


4.) Be very strong and continue to obey the law of Moses.  Do not integrate with the nations around you.


5.) The reason fir driving out the other nations is to keep inviolate the relationship between God and His chosen people.


6.) Remember, one of you routed a thousand because of the Lord.


7.) Be very diligent to love the Lord your God for your own well-being.  Bob Mumford


8.) God is faithful and … He has proven it on more than one occasion.



–          God’s promises are always more than we can comprehend.  His vision for our lives is much better and longer than our own.  Concepts like “Rest,” “Love,” and “Salvation” are so much more than we can grasp.  It takes a revelation from God for us to really get even a smidgen of these weighty wonderful things.

–          Joshua was quite a leader, not because of his accomplishments but because of who he belonged to- Yahweh. He attributed all his accomplishments to God because he was keenly and pleasantly aware that without God he and everyone he loved would be slaves inEgypt.  He also knew that his people possessed the land, not because they were capable warriors but because they were favored by God.  He was not one to “figure it out” making his own battle plans.  He was a leader who was dependant upon revelation.  How can I be more dependent upon revelation for my daily and my extraordinary tasks??

–          The work never ends…  The destination is not as important as the journey, but if I do not make plans to “Go to the Sea”  I will not take the journey at all…which is kinda what happened even with a plan.

–          We have been taught that compromise is a virtue.  Democracy is built upon compromise.  But this is not always true.  There are many things that we can not/ should never compromise.  Driving out the people who lived in the “Promised Land” was not a move of compromise.  It was an action of stubborn obedience and absolute idealism.  Lets face it… they were taking land that others had settled.  They were invaders.  They were brutal.  They were unwavering and scary!  The presence and testimony of the power of God were terrifying to the foreigners. This is why people fled in front of them and why a thousand ran at the sight of one warrior.

–          Success doe not make loving God easier.  If anything it means that we are going to have to be MORE diligent than before so that we will not forget our first love.

–          Yes… God is faithful.  Please do not forget it.


Chapter 24

1.)    In his final address, Joshua goes all the way back to Terah, Abraham’s Father.  He recounts the faithfulness of God and reminds his people of who they really are, not letting their 400 years of captivity outweigh God’s calling and promise.  Joshua relates the journey of Abraham to his people’s most recent journey pairing their past with their present and giving hope to them for the future.

2.)    I love it…  13 ff  “I gave you a land you did not labor for and a city you did not build though you live in them;  you eat from vineyards and olive groves you did not plant”  God’s economy!

3.)    Verse 14, God gives the people a choice, even after all that He has done for them, “as for me and my house we will choose the Lord.  Apparently even after this, the people hide idols and worship false God’s.  What is so wrong in our hearts that we are bent seemingly irreparably toward the wrong voices?

4.)    In God’s creation, stones can witness to us.  Need proof?  Visit a cemetery.

5.)    Because of the faithfulness of Joshua and the leaders/elders who served with him…Israelexperienced a “PaxIsrael” peace… Even Joseph’s descendents were folded into the family… the breach repaired.  Wow! Israelknew who they were before God!



–          How far back in my families history can I go?  Can I find the promise?  Can I believe in the promise despite the captivity of my past?

–          I know that the Lord has more for me than struggle… the ground is not cursed any more.  Will I believe it when it looks and feels rocky and infertile?  Will I believe it when I am wandering?

–           I have a choice every day.  Will I get rid of my hidden idols?  Will I rationalize their existence or their place in my life?

–          If God can make a rock into a testimony than it is possible to surround myself with testifying things so that I will not forget Him.  What can I put in my path to remind me of Him?

–          What kind of leader do I want to be…  a leader whose influence leads to a lasting peace or one who causes limited or lack of peace?  I can be a leader who repairs even long forgotten wounds that were left untended.

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