Discussion Sheet


Biblical Personality: Rehab


Reference(s): Joshua 2 and 6

Jerichois going to fall.  Of that there is no question. The city’s inhabitants believe it.  The Israelites believe it. But most of all, God has said it. 


Spies are checking out the city and they find refuge in a very easy place to hide, a prostitute’s home.  Her name was Rehab.


Inductive Questions:

Q. Why do you think that the two spies Joshua sent stayed at the prostitute’s home?  Was it a safe place for them?


Q. Rahab lies and hides the men to protect them.  Why do you think that she does this?


Q. The text is careful to say that Rahab comes to talk to the men before they fell asleep (Joshua 2:8).  Why is this important?  What was her motive? 


Q.  Rahab reasons with the men and barters for her deliverance from the coming destruction ofJericho.  How do her statements in 8-13 show good faith?


Q. What was the agreement between the spies and Rahab?  Imagine what it must have been like for Rahab as the Israelites marched around the city.  What emotions do you think she must have felt and what thoughts must have went through her head during the siege?


Q.  Rahab became an Israelite- or atleast a dweller in Israle’s house- the day thatJerichofell.  Joshua curses the city on that day (6:26-27).  How do you think that Rehab must have felt hearing Joshua pronounce that curse?  Do you think that Rehab continued in her prostitution?  


Application Questions:


Q. When an opportunity seems to present itself, Rehab takes advantage of it, she takes a risk.  Has God ever given you an opportunity and if so what did you do with it?


Q.  Opportunities come when God is on the move and He is always on the move.  We must hear him and see Him in order to join Him as He moves.  In what ways can you be more opportunistic concerning God’s great movement among us?

Q. Rehab spoke and acted out of faith in what would come to pass based upon the character, nature, and testimony of God’s past actions.  How do you speak and act according to these principles?

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