Miriam’s Song

Miriam’s Song
Exodus 15:1-21

How do we know this is Miriam’s song? Well, we don’t. All we know is that she, along with many other women of Israel sang this song with tambourines after God caused the Red Sea to swallow up their Egyptian pursuers (Exodus 15:20-21). In addition, we learn in verse 20 that Miriam (Aaron’s sister) is considered a prophetess as well. And as we read it we learn that it is not just a song of praise, but a song of prophecy as well. It does not say that Miriam wrote the son, only that she sang it… but does that matter? She is singing it and as she does it becomes hers.

I don’t know about you, but when God moves in my life I love to sing praises to Him. I like to tell people. There is great power in the testimony of what God has done. I never want to forget His grace-filled pursuit of my soul. However, if my praises are always about the past… if it stops there… in the past acts of God… a dry staleness begins to settle in my soul. Don’t get me wrong. I love it that God has worked mightily in my past. I am a brand plucked from multiple fires. And my love for Him is not a “what-have-you-done-lately” kind of love. I am deeply thankful for His mighty right hand in my life! But there is more… oh yes there is more!

Closer examination of Miriam’s song reveals that it was not written as a simple recount what God did. The song expresses who God is now and what God will do in the future. It contains the current and future revelation of God. And it can still be sung today with the same freshness that Miriam had when she sang it.

Verses 1-12 recount the activity of God balanced by the identity of Yahweh. He threw the horse and its rider into the sea and he is our strength. He has become our salvation by his mighty delivering actions and He is a mighty Warrior. Pharaoh’s elite were drowned, his chariots are now rusting at the bottom of the sea. God is glorious and majestic. He shatters His enemies with a mighty right hand and His wrath against them is a consuming fire. The enemies wild, loud, and obnoxious boasts are covered and extinguished by Yahweh’s whistle and His wonders. This is what He has done showing who He is.
I am so glad the song did not end with verse 10. We have another eleven verses! This section of the song ends (verses 11 and 12) with a profound expression of awe at who God really is in our current experience as a result of His past activity. Who is like you God? Who could ever be like you! Our testimony about God’s hand in our past should always end with a profound sense that God is today, right now, who He revealed Himself to be in my past! We must never forget His self-revelation and we must always endeavor to pass it on, but it gets better!! More Lord!!

Yes it does! The entire second half of the song is about what God is about to do. It is prophetically expectant of God’s goodness for His people! Yahweh will lead His people. He will guide them into intimacy with Himself. His redeeming hand is a sure thing. He will succeed in what he has set out to do. No one… I mean no one will get in His way. His people will travel to their place unscathed. High places and beautiful places are ahead for those whom He has redeemed! Praise God!! We will dwell with Him in Holy places- that means we will be holy as He is Holy. He even has our seat pick out for each of us! And our King will be Yahweh.

I pray that my praises do not end until I get a deeper revelation about His plans and purposes for me. I don’t know about you, but I need a revelation about His promises for my future because sometimes my present circumstances don’t look very promising. Use Miriam’s song as a “praise guide” sometime. 1.) Testify about his past goodness and His revealed person character, and nature. 2.) Fall in awe and passionately express your love for Him. 3.) Receive a fresh encounter and word from the Lord about His promises for you. You can do this because you are His beloved!

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