Aaron Blew It

Aaron Blew It

Exodus 32


“People died because of you Aaron!”


That’s what I might have said if I was Joshua son of Nun rather than Joshua son of the 21st century.  Can you imagine?  Joshua comes down off the mountain after being with Moses (who is shining like a polished bronze hub cap) only to find that his people are worshiping a gold statue of a cow and that Aaron is the one who fashioned it!  Aaron is left in charge and he blew!  Why?


I guess I should carry more grace for Brother Aaron.  I mean, I’m a leader right?  I know that I have blown it more than once.  But what Aaron did just really eats at me.  I mean, He actually instructs the people to go against their God.  He contributes to the delinquency of an entire nation by succumbing to his selfish need for power, popularity, and relevance.  Aaron lets the people speak to his soul rather than God.  He had a horrible lack of vision about who he was and what he needed to do.  Perhaps Aaron sees himself only as a mouthpiece for Moses and not a priest appointed by God or maybe he thinks that he is a king rather than just a priest.  Maybe Aaron sees an opportunity to grasp religious power.  Or I guess it could be a combination of both.


The main point is this.  Unless I receive my identity and instruction from God I will let lesser voices tell me who I am and what how to carry out my assignment.  I will either think less or more of myself than I should.  Up or down, I can lead others into a dark place if I am not careful.


Maybe now, after some thought, I can have more grace for Aaron.  I definitely know what it is like to be on the elevator of self-deprecation and importance.  I can get drunk on pride and self-pity along with the best of them.  But I am learning how to receive the gift of sober mindedness and the good and wholesome drink of the Father’s love.  Abiding in him restores my equilibrium.


One day I want to receive the admonition “Well done good and faithful servant” and not “People died because of you Joshua!”  Praise our God, the Father of Lights, whose guidance keeps us free from darkness and delivers us people from destruction.  He loves us so much!!

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