Question For My Leaders!!

Friends and Adult Ministry Leaders.

I am working on a project and I need for a bunch of you (all of you if possible) to answer this question for me. Please use as many words as possible in your reply.  If it is ok for me to use your name tell me so, otherwise I will keep your answers anonymous.  Thanks,  Joshua
Why do you teach a class or lead a small group?  (not how you became a leader or teacher but the reasons why you are doing so- ie “I feel his pleasure when…” etc)

One response to “Question For My Leaders!!”

  1. Unselfishly I teach to lead women into a closer relationship with God and each other. Sometimes it is bringing them back to God, or to God “if he exists”. I have always felt my mission field is here on home soil. The lost , hurt and wounded are everywhere.

    Selfishly it is a special intimacy with My Father when preparing for a class , sitting with Him in prayer beforehand. I get a lot of joy from their healings and revelations.
    Ann Russell


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