Moses (conflict and circumstances)

Discussion Sheet

Biblical Personality: Moses (conflict and circumstances)
Reference(s): Exodus 5:1- 6:13

The life of Moses, like many other biblical persons, is full of meaning. But Moses is a particularly important figure in biblical history. We could write all year on him alone. Here we will concentrate on the conflict and responses between God, Pharaoh, Moses, and the people.

Read the verses listed above:

Inductive Questions:
Q. What does Exodus 5:1-4 say about the purpose of the request made to Pharaoh? Why do you think Pharaoh would deny such a request so vehemently? What were Moses’ options after have such a simple request denied? What did He choose to do?

Q. In Chapter 6:1-9 we learn that the cruelty of Pharaoh (heavy labor) breaks the spirit leading to unbelief. What were the promises of God for the people in these verses? How does God reveal Himself to them? Are God’s promises contingent upon the circumstances the people live with?

Q. Throughout chapter 5 and 6 Pharaoh blasts accusations at the people as he levels cruelty upon them. What are these primary accusations and are they true- even a little bit? Who do the accusations reveal the most about- the people or Pharaoh?

Q. In 5:21-23 Moses asks God about the circumstances he and the people are in. It just does not add up for him. He is accused unjustly by the people just as they were accused unjustly by Pharaoh. How does Moses respond to accusation versus the way that the people respond? How does God respond to Moses?

Q. In 6:12-13 Moses seems to doubt. What is God’s response to Moses? Why do you think God responded this way?

Application Questions:

Q. Have you ever faced vehement opposition as you sought to obey the Lord? Discuss this with someone. How did it feel and what was it like?

Q. Have you ever experienced betrayal? Have you ever been “between a rock and a hard place” like Moses and the Hebrews were? How did you respond- like Moses or like the people? What are God’s promises for you – His BIG promises? What are the circumstances that seem to break your spirit and keep you from believing what God has promised?

Q. Have you ever had to deal with unjust accusations as you endeavored to work with God? How do you handle false or unjust accusations? Have you ever dealt unjust or false accusations? If so why? How did it feel? What do you suppose a healthy response to accusation looks like?

Q. Have you ever doubted God? What did you do with your doubt? What is a healthy way to handle your doubts?

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