Discussion Sheet: Esau

Discussion Sheet


Biblical Personality: Esau


Inductive Questions: Genesis chapters 25 through 27 and 33


Q. Do you think the fact that Isaac was an only child, one highly sought after, affected the way he parented his boys Esau and Jacob?  What do you think of Isaac and Rebekah’s parenting of these boys?

Q. How are selfish ambition, deception, and untrustworthiness demonstrated by Jacob, and Esau?  Can you name some positive traits represented by these twins in their youth?

Q. The fatherly blessings of Isaac in chapter 27 are spoken over the boys with authority and are received with seriousness.  What do they actually say and why are these important (Chapter 27)?  Do these blessings reflect more on the twins or on their father Isaac?

Q. Later, we see a change in Esau.  Jacob (nowIsrael) has changed as well.  What were these changes in character and why do you think Esau demonstrates them? (Chapter 33)


Application Questions:


Q. How do you suppose your mother and father’s upbringing has affected the way they parented you?

Q. All parents make mistakes.  How have your parents affected you both positive and negatively?

Q.  What negative habits or character traits have you picked up from your parents that you now know you need to get rid of?

Q. What words both positive and negative have been spoken over you?  Do these words correspond with how God sees you or are they more of a reflection of your parents?

Q.  Once Jacob and Esau break away form their parents they begin to walk out their destiny and grow up in a sense.  How have you “grown up” once you left home?  How has God molded and shaped you after you left the “nest” of your childhood?

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