Discussion Sheet: Rebekah

Discussion Sheet


Biblical Personality: Rebekah

Reference(s): Genesis 24 and 27

Inductive Questions:


Q. In Genesis 24 we learn about a young Rebekah and how she meets her future husband. What do you think the hopes and dreams of this young woman are? Is she a courageous woman?

Q. What does the blessing spoken over Rebekah by her family before she leaves say about her premarital expectations are? (24:60)

Q. By Chapter 27 Rebekah had given birth to twins and has matured considerably. How has she changed?

Q. No value statement is attributed to Rebekah (and Isaac’s) actions.  Judgement is intentionally left up to the reader.  In your opinion, are Rebekah’s actions understandable?  Are they commendable?

Q. Why do we not find a record of Rebekah’s death and burial, but find Isaacs in Genesis 35:27-29?  The writer if Genesis (Moses) makes a point of saying that Isaac mourns his mothers and is consoled by his marriage to Rebekah, but nothing is said about Jacob and Esau and their feelings about Rebekah’s death.  Is there a reason or was this just an oversight?

Application Questions:

Q. In your youth, (if you are not still there) were your hopes and dreams different than they are now?  If so, what changes?  Are you as courageous and confident as you were when you were younger?  Why or why not?

Q. Are there things that you would do now that in the past you would never have considered?  Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Q. How do you want people to judge your actions when you die?  What do you want them to use to measure your decisions if they choose to do so?

Q. Whose opinion matters the most to you?  Why? Does this person (persons) know what your hopes and dreams are?  And what role do they play in helping you realize them?

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