Discussion Sheet: Issac

Issac Journal Entry

Discussion Sheet


Biblical Personality: Isaac

Reference(s): Genesis Chapters 24 and 26

Inductive Questions:

Q. Isaac’s name means laugh or laughter, based upon Sarah’s experience before and after his birth. If you were to name Isaac based upon his life experience, what do you think the meaning of his name should be?

Q. What are Isaac’s many blessings and where do they come from?

Q. Who were the principle players in Isaac’s inheritance?

Q. What did Isaac do with the blessings he was given?

Q. What did Isaac pass onto his sons? What was Isaac’s legacy?

Application Questions:

Q. How would you name yourself based upon your life experiences so far?  How would you want someone else to answer name you at the end of your life?  If there is a difference between the two… why?

Q. What are your many blessings and where do they come from?

Q. Who are the principle players in your inheritance?

Q. What are you doing with the blessings you have been given?

Q. What will you pass along to those who will come after you? What will your legacy be?

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