Discussion Sheet: Sarah

Sarah Journal Entry

Discussion Sheet


Biblical Personality: Sarah

Reference(s): Genesis 16:1-15; 18:1-15; 21:1-7


Sarah is a poster child for Doubt and unbelief.  What can you learn from her life with God and with a man like Abraham.


Inductive Questions:


Q. In Chapter 16, what do you suppose is driving Sarah to act as she does and say what she says?  How does she treat Abraham and how does Abraham treat her?

Q. In Chapter 18, what is at the root of Sarah’s laughter?  What is her internal heart condition?

Q. In chapter 21, Sarah’s attitude changes.  She is no longer hiding behind tent walls laughing cynically.  Why?  What has she learned?

Application Questions:

Q. Do you relate to Sarah in any of these passages?  In what way(s)?

Q. Have you ever had to deal with a cynical spirit?  How has God proved you wrong?

Q. In what ways has doubt and unbelief plagued you?  How has God moved you to a place of faith?

Q.  Is there a biblical promise that you are not experiencing in your life right now that you would like to believe God for more fully?  How might He be leading you into deeper relationship with Him through your present circumstances?

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