Discussion Sheet: Abraham

Abraham Journal Entry

Discussion Sheet


Biblical Personality: Abraham

Reference(s): Genesis 21:33-34 and surrounding verses


A Tamerisk Tree?


There are many, many lessons form the life of Abraham.  We could print reams of paper on Him alone.  I want us to concentrate a bit on two verses close to the end of Abraham’s life found in Genesis 21.  Abraham planted the slow growing Tamarisk Tree on a foreigner’s land.  Why in the world would he plant such a tree at his age?

Let’s look at what has happened.  Abraham is a very old man who has waited a very long time for God to provide him with his promised son- Issac.  Actually, the promise was for so much more than a son.  Abraham is promised that his descendants would be like the sand on the sea shore and the stars in the sky.  Abraham has developed a deep and abiding Faith that God is for him- loves him- has a plan and a purpose for him and his descendants.   God has always been with him.  He has wandered in the wilderness with God and knows His Father’s love is stronger than his tent pegs.  He has moved with the Father and is moving with the Father when he plants that Tamarisk Tree.

But Abraham will probably never benefit from the tree’s shade.  Who will benefit?  His descendants of course, but they do not have a land to call their own.  The land that Abraham plants that tree in does not belong to him or his descendants… yet.  And so the planting of the tree is one of great faith, but not great enough.

Genesis 21 begins account of the most audacious act of faith and obedience in all of scripture save Christ’s self sacrifice.  Abraham offers up the very answer to his prayers and the very fulfillment of God’s promises… his only son Issac.

So read and re-read this section of Abraham’s life.  Ask Holy Spirit not only to reveal the meaning of the text, but to also reveal His Word over you in this season of your life.  Here are some questions to help you.

Inductive Question:

Q. Why did Abraham plant a Tamerisk Tree inBeersheba?

Application Questions:

Q. What is your Issac?  What is yourBeersheba?  What is your Tamerisk Tree?  Who are you planting it for?  How bold are you about God’s promises for you in Christ Jesus?

Please answer these for yourself and send them (reply to all)!!  It will greatly increase our faith as we watch God do amazing things and recall what you have written!

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