Discussion Sheet: Enoch

Enoch Journal Entry

Discussion Sheet


Biblical Personality: Enoch

Reference(s): Genesis 5: 18-24; Hebrews 11:5-6

Inductive Questions:

Q. Enoch’s Father and Son are the oldest people in scripture, but Enoch has a much younger age than his closest male relatives.  What does this say if anything about Enoch and his life?  Is a longer life always a better life?

Q. Three things: Enoch walked with God, Enoch disappears, and we are told this is because God takes him. What do you think is the significance of these three facts stated in scripture about Enoch?

Q. In Hebrews, faith is seen as a contributing factor in Enoch’s disappearance.  What do you think it must have meant for Enoch to walk by faith or conversely, what do you think it does not mean for Enoch to walk by faith?

Q. How did Enoch walk with God before Christ?

Application Questions:

Q. What does it mean to be invisible?  Why did Enoch disappear?  Was is a reward?  Would you see it as a reward?

Q. What does it mean for us to walk with God today?  Is this just a matter of rules and activities?

Q. How does Christ make a way for us to have a more faithful and intimate walk than even Enoch?

Q. Why don’t we disappear like Enoch?  If that our goal… to disappear?

Q. Ask yourself with all honesty, How do you want others to perceive you after you have disappeared to be with Jesus?  What are you doing today that makes this a reality?

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