Discussion Sheet: Noah

Noah Journal Entry

Discussion Sheet


Biblical Personality: Noah


Reference(s): Genesis Chapters 6-9


Inductive Questions:


Q. Why does Noah find Favor with God?

Q. God is grieved and regretted that He had made man?  Why exactly?

Q. How is Noah compared to Enoch here?

Q. In the Bible, numbers are not arbitrary.  Look at the numbers in these verses.  What could be their significance?  What can we learn about God from the his relationship with Noah here?

Q. Who shut the door to theArk?  Why is this significant?

Q. All flesh with the breath of life perished in the flood.  Why is this significant?

Q. The wind (or pneuma – breath) of God causes the waters to recede.  Why is this important?

Q.  Why is Noah’s choice of a Dove to seek out dry land significant when compared to the previous two questions?

Q. God makes a covenant with Noah- what is significant about this?

Q. Noah is fruitful.  He is the first to discover wine.  Why is this significant?

Q.  In this story, does Noah show any concern for those who perished in the flood.

Application Questions:

Q. Walking with God seems to be a theme in Genesis (see Enoch).  How do Enoch and Noah’s circumstances differ?

Q. Can we walk like Noah did?  Can we walk even better than Noah did?  In what ways?

Q.  How are our times and seasons similar and/or different than Noah’s?  What is your response to God’s decrees about the future of creation and all flesh and how does this compare to Noah’s?

Q. Noah was faithful to build theArk, but God shut the door.  How is this fact significant and how does this significance relate to your life?

Q. The role of the “Breath of God” and the dove (both nod to the Holy Spirit) are important to this story from Noah’s life.  What is the role of the “Breath of God” and the dove in your life?  Is the Holy Spirit leaving or is He coming?

Q. Did God’s command and blessing on Noah’s life change from the command and blessing originally given to man inEden?  Has it changed for us?  What is your response to God’s command and blessing in this regard?  In what ways are you believing God for multiplication, fruitfulness, and blessing?

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