Discussion Sheet:Adam

Adam Journal Entry

Discussion Sheet


Biblical Personality: Adam

Reference(s): Genesis 1:26 through 2:17

Inductive Questions:

Q. What do you suppose it means to be created in the image of God?

Q. What do you suppose it means to have the purpose of ruling all living things?

Q. Why do you suppose that God’s first acts after creating Adam were to bless him and then give him a command?  Is the command a blessing in and of itself?

Q. Are God’s commands on us restricting?

Q. What do you suppose God meant when he looked at Adam at the end of the day and said “It is good”?

Q. If the Sabbath is created in the context of work, how then should we work?

Q. What is the significance of Adam being created out of the dust (dirt) of the ground?

Q.  Why do you suppose God has Adam till the very dirt that he was made from?

Q. In Eden, Adam “Works and Watches.” What exactly do you suppose this is and why is it significant?

Q. The first and only thing that God says is not good in His creation of the universe is that Adam was alone.  Why do you suppose God makes this pronouncement?

Application Questions:

Q. If you were created in the image of God what would that mean about how you should see yourself?  Do you really believe that you are created in the image of God and do you see yourself as God sees you?

Q. What areas of your life seem out of hand or without order?  If you were created for righteous rule, how can you come into alignment with your foundational purpose?

Q.  Do you feel that you have been blessed by God’s commands?  How are you listening for His blessing and His direction?  Are you intentional?

Q. Do you feel restricted by God or free?  Why or why not?

Q. How should we work?  Is your attitude toward work Godly?

Q. Are you working and watching like Adam?

Q. Is your work full of Pride or Humility?

Q. Do you feel alone in your work?  Why or why not?

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