Discussion Sheet: Eve

Eve Journal Entry

Discussion Sheet


Biblical Personality: Eve

Reference(s): Genesis 2:18 through 3:24

Inductive Questions:

Q. Why do you think that Eve was created from Adam’s rib?  What is significant about a rib?

Q. Adam says that Eve is “Bone of my Bone and Flesh of my Flesh.”  What is he saying?  This is Hebrew poetry.  What is the heart of the statement?

Q. The serpent is a wild animal, one of those creatures that Adam and Eve are told to subdue.  How do they fail in this task with the serpent?  What was Eve’s weakness?  What was Adam’s weakness?

Q.  Read the serpent’s words closely.  What exactly is he saying to Eve?

Q. Adam and Eve were immediately ashamed of their nakedness.  What is the significance of this?

Q. Adam and Eve heard God when He came onto the Garden to meet with them and they hid.  Why do you think this is significant?

Q.  God announce the consequences of the fall (sin) to the serpent, Adam and Eve.  What are these consequences exactly, how are they related, and how are these consequences present today?

Q. In Christ, we are new creatures.  As Christians, how do you suppose our perspective of this story is different than those who do not believe in Christ or heard it told before Christ came?

Application Questions:

Q. Adam and Eve were created for intimacy.  How can you personally apply the answers (or discussion) rekated the questions about Eve’s creation listed above?

Q. How are you subduing the serpent? Are you consistent?  What can you put into your life to have dominion over the enemy as you were intended form the beginning?

Q. How is shame a motivating factor in your life?  Should it have any influence over a believer in Christ?

Q. How is God “rustling the leaves” in your garden to let you know He is present?  What is your response to Him?  How can you be more aware of His presence and eliminate any tendency to hide from Him?

Q. What you believe about yourself is second in importance only to what you believe about God.  What do you believe about yourself in relation to this story and in light of Christ’s triumph over sin?  Do you think that your beliefs line up with what the Word of God says about you?

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