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“You Are More Than You Think You Are!”

That sentence is the briefest way I know how to communicate our calling. They are words that I am always saying to those I meet and to myself in the mirror.  I have said them at home and abroad, to leaders and emerging leaders, to believers and not yet believers. They are very true words and I believe that they are heaven sent.

“You Can Only Give What You Have”

This is another sentence that has been profoundly influential in our life and our ministry.  God has indeed given us much and continues to do so.  We are called to give it all away for Christ’s glory and the furthering of His Kingdom. We do this by coming alongside others.

Who are you called to come alongside?

We come alongside others, especially pastors, missionaries, and ministry leaders with encouragement, biblical teaching and ministry training.  Our passion is to help people discover Christ and find their identity in in Him. We are helpers, encouragers, mentors, teachers, equippers, and most of all friends! We are called to give what we have and to learn and grow as we do so.

Will you come alongside us so that we can come alongside others?

How You Can Help

Pray For Us

Prayer is very helpful to us. When we work, we work. When we pray, God works. Please take a moment to pray for us right now.

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You can help us today by partnering with us in ministry with a tax-deductible gift. It has never been easier for you to do so, Simply use the Partner with us in ministry button above.

Reach Out

Read our latest ministry update at the bottom of this page and invite us to come share with your ministry, church, or small group. We always like to share about what God is doing in us and through us. Just use the contact us buttons on this page.


What People Say

“Crossroads supports the Fletcher’s ministry because we fully believe in them and what they’re doing for God’s Kingdom and for His people. Josh and Allison are two of the most dedicated, sincere, and passionate followers of Christ I have ever known, and their desire to encourage and equip the Body of Christ is amazing. They have a rare combination of head and heart. As such, they have the ability to not only impart knowledge, but to build up the soul as well. For these reasons, we not only support them as a church, but also as a couple.”

 Lowell and Silvia McNaney
Sr. Pastor, Crossroads Church

“Ministry is tough. It isn’t a job or a career, it’s listening to God and saying yes. Imagine being called to uproot your life, move to another country, learn to speak another language, and immerse yourself in a culture vastly different from what you know to spread the Word. Sometimes God asks you to jump off a cliff to fulfill his will and destiny for your life. We have to say yes to the things that are from the Lord no matter their difficulty in our human understanding. Joshua and his family have jumped off that cliff and into the will of God and have been blessed fo it. Just ask Joshua about Ecuador and experience the passion the Fletcher’s have for this task God has set before them.

My family made a commitment to the Fletcher’s to support them in their mission from the beginning. We wanted to support our friends in an uncertain and trying time for them. Our support through this season has grown and not wavered no matter our circumstances. It has been a privilege and a blessing for the Head family to partner with the Fletcher family in their mission.”

David and Marissa Head

“We support the Fletchers because of their faithfulness to God and the Truth of His Word. Their teaching skills and the heart with which they teach brings others to knowing and experiencing our Papa Father God. My own spiritual life has been enhanced by learning and journeying with them while they served at Crossroads. There passion for the people of Ecuador is great and authentic. Join us in supporting them in any way God enables you.”

Greg, Pam, and Stephen Popovich


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